* The Mission of the Polk County Builders Association is to promote quality affordable housing for citizens of Polk County while creating a favorable and prosperous business climate for its members.

We serve our community through proactive involvement in:

***Government activities affecting the building industry

***Ethical business practices and standards

***Promotion of members products and services

***Continuing education

***Enhanced membership benefits

In any community there are always a wide range of opinions, and people will disagree. Please use respectful language and refrain from personal attacks.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey guys,

    thanks for the repost of the Fenwick article! Looks like you’re just figuring out this social media thing, and it looks like you’re coming along nicely.

    A little tip for you. When you repost someone’s article you should just take the first paragraph and then link forward to it, unless you specifically request the article. This is both for copyright reasons, as well as for search engine optimization.

    When google and other search engines see the same content duplicated on sites it actually negates the search for both sites, and, in fact, makes the content harder to find, not easier.

    Just a tip. We’re all learning this stuff, so I thought I’d pass it along.

  2. JP said

    I am working from my home office in Alturas this afternoon 11/17/09 around 4:30pm and see a beautiful black pickup drive by with elegant letters advertising Prestige Plumbing/Lake Wales,Florida, on the driver’s door.

    All of a sudden, the driver, who is one a Polk County Builders Association Member, throws the trash from something that he is eating out his window onto my front yard. I have severe back injuries from a crash in the Smokey Mountains 18 years ago making it very difficult to do yard work.

    Let us care one for another…and not just ourselves…that our communities may be healed.

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