FHBA Addresses Social Networking & Marketing New Homes

Posted by pcbasentry on August 17, 2009

In today’s FHBA Action News , Florida Home Builders President Jay Carlson addresses the hot topic of using social networking to market new homes and increase sales:

Social media is quickly becoming a mainstay in modern marketing plans. It’s fast, it’s direct, it’s inexpensive and it’s catching on. According to the “Social Media Marketing Industry Report” by Michael Stelzner, who writes and blogs about marketing and other business-related topics, 88% of marketers surveyed for the study use social media in their overall marketing strategies. And of those surveyed, 72% indicated they only started using social media in their marketing recently. For new home builders who are considering joining this trend, social media is simply using Internet-based networking tools to engage with online communities in order to generate exposure and sales opportunities. But what builders need to understand is that using social media when marketing new homes will not necessarily generate direct sales. Social media is a different marketing tool than a builder’s sales center and even his Web site.  Social media is versatile, offering builders opportunities ranging from finding interested and targeted prospects to generating public relations and providing immediate customer service. It’s all about building relationships and conversation, but it is not necessarily about closing the sale. Read the first in a series of articles on social networking and marketing new homes by visiting Nation’s Building News.


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  1. great network possibilities…

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