Recycle Here!

Posted by pcbasentry on June 30, 2009

PCBA’s  Green Building Council is sponsoring a recycling drive for plastic water and soda bottles. Any size or color of plastic bottle is acceptable, as well as the jugs used for milk and water. These bottles will be used to “pay” for all the carpeting that will be used in PCBA’s  “Go Green” house. The “Go Green” house will have Mohawk Industries’ PET recycled carpeting. Based on the design plan the home will use 79 yards. Mohawk has determined that the number of plastic bottles needed to produce that amount of carpet is 2,370. If PCBA can turn over that many bottles Mohawk will donate the carpeting free of charge. PCBA member Randy Stinson of Stinson Home Design has negotiated this deal and will be coordinating our efforts. The “Go Green” house is being built by Hickman Homes, and all profits from the sale of the home will go to the PCBA Foundation. Contributions can be dropped off to Beth at the PCBA office during business hours. For further information contact Beth at 863-644-0855 or bethb@pcba.com.


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