Green Home Builders Facing New Economic Reality

Posted by pcbasentry on June 15, 2009

Super-tight lending standards, dwindling buyers, the stock market crash, and a global recession have made this one of the worst times in history to be a home builder.

“The market is devastated all across the country, across the board: single-family, multifamily, remodeling, and even low-income, every sector has been affected,” according to Carlos Martin of the NAHB.

Green building pros have not been spared from economic gloom, says Martin, assistant staff vice president for construction, codes, and standards: “It’s disingenuous to act like there is not any bad news for green builders.”

Nevertheless, many green pros are finding an upper hand that’s helping them survive the market, and some are even thriving due to increasing demand for eco-friendly dwellings, new funds for green public projects, and passage of the $787 billion federal economic stimulus bill.

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One Response to “Green Home Builders Facing New Economic Reality”

  1. techrazies said

    green home is very nicey

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