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Recycle Here!

Posted by pcbasentry on June 30, 2009

PCBA’s  Green Building Council is sponsoring a recycling drive for plastic water and soda bottles. Any size or color of plastic bottle is acceptable, as well as the jugs used for milk and water. These bottles will be used to “pay” for all the carpeting that will be used in PCBA’s  “Go Green” house. The “Go Green” house will have Mohawk Industries’ PET recycled carpeting. Based on the design plan the home will use 79 yards. Mohawk has determined that the number of plastic bottles needed to produce that amount of carpet is 2,370. If PCBA can turn over that many bottles Mohawk will donate the carpeting free of charge. PCBA member Randy Stinson of Stinson Home Design has negotiated this deal and will be coordinating our efforts. The “Go Green” house is being built by Hickman Homes, and all profits from the sale of the home will go to the PCBA Foundation. Contributions can be dropped off to Beth at the PCBA office during business hours. For further information contact Beth at 863-644-0855 or bethb@pcba.com.


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More From a Blog Worth Reading

Posted by pcbasentry on June 29, 2009

I’m not trying to bore you here, but I find this blog so interesting that I’m going to reprint a couple of the recent posts to try and get you to at least check it out. The blog in question is the Builder Social Blog and I find it has good ideas on how to best use the various social marketing applications. If you click on the link for Builder Magazine’s list of builders using Twitter you will find PCBA listed under the ‘ State and Local Home Builder Associations’ category.

From June 16th…

Homebuilders on Twitter (or not)

As part of a recent exercise on social media for a homebuilder client, I searched for examples of other homebuilders using Twitter as a marketing tool. Yep, you guessed it — not so much. There are a few examples of builders doing it really well (check out @lennar for example), and yet there is so much more that can be done.

Twitter is a tool that builders can embrace because of it’s immediacy, intimacy and personality. Relationships can be built with potential homebuyers through twitter, or at the very least those relationships can be strengthened through continued communication via builder tweets. For example, a residential community could tweet about price changes, incentives and — yes, they are actually happening — new phase releases. Sales associates could direct message buyers with updates on the construction of their new home, send links to photos of the development, and let them know about upcoming milestones and special events. A builder could be tweeting about his or her blog (ahem, Steve Doyle) and letting all its existing and future homeowners about news and trends. Twitter really is a very powerful tool for homebuilders, just waiting to be tapped.

Builder Magazine recently published a list of builders using twitter. Let’s hope that since it was released in March, this list has grown substantially along with the growth of twitter.

And another recent article in Brand Republic News ranked that top 100 brands most mentioned on twitter. And no surprise – not a single homebuilder brand made the list. But give us a little time — I’ll bet by next year builders and real estate developers are all over twitter like bees on honey. It’s just a natural combination

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From June 19th

Social media a game-changer for homebuilders

I’m just returning home from speaking at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco, where I led a presentation on social media marketing for the homebuilding community. And although I was there to teach along with Jason Baer and Lora Heramb, I was also there to learn. And I learned a great deal about where homebuilder marketing is headed.

Happily, I can report that the homebuilding community is wholeheartedly embracing the new world order. Everyone I talked with understands that as the economy sparks back to life (and it is) and homes start selling again (and they are) that it will not be business as usual in homebuilder marketing. I keep saying this economic downturn has been a game changer, and it every sense of the phrase, it has.

Homebuilders will not return en masse to the newspapers where they dropped thousands — if not millions — of dollars in advertising over the past many years. Print advertising will not go away, but it will become much more targeted, more selective. Broadcast media will experience the same new order – when the dollars do come back from builders, those now-savvy marketing directors will be asking about TV and radio station’s websites, email databases and other forms of online marketing tools. Behavioral online advertising, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and e-marketing are the stuff of strategic marketing discussion now.

This is no surprise. All marketing executives now know the web is the place to be. But what’s interesting is watching the homebuilding community eagerly gathering information for the upswing that is to come. When the tide changes and the marketing dollars start to flow again, those “mature” dogs are learning some great new tricks. They will be armed and ready.

SOOOOO cool. Let the games begin.

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The future of homebuilding is — spiritual?

Posted by pcbasentry on June 26, 2009

Reprinted from The Housing Chronicle Blog

Pollster John Zogby has some interesting advice for builders attending the Pacific Coast Builders’ Conference in San Francisco this week: move away from marketing quantity in favor of quality of life. That’s because there’s a sea change among the American consumer that’s expected to continue well beyond this recessionary cycle.  Read the entire story at BuilderOnline

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Lending for builders to remain tight until at least 2010

Posted by pcbasentry on June 24, 2009

It’s interesting these days to listen to economists or pundits who read through reams of data and declare, “There’s plenty of credit — just not at the price you want!” and then actually sit down with those who are trying to get deals done, and it’s a very different story.  Read the full story at The Housing Chronicles Blog…

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A Blog Worth Reading

Posted by pcbasentry on June 22, 2009

In the brave new world of social media there’s a sometimes confusing multitude of options available offereing advice and suggestions.

Here’s one I recommend…the Builder Social Blog. This one is worth your time…It’s targeted to our industry and offers real life case studies and best practices for all forms of social media.

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Why You Should Care About Social Media

Posted by pcbasentry on June 19, 2009

Social media is catching fire in the business community all across the nation. An example of this is Big Builder editor Sarah Yaussi, tweeting in real time about a session about Twitter, as the session facilitator was simultaneously tweeting bullet points from the session.

You can read all about it at Big Builder Online

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Green Home Builders Facing New Economic Reality

Posted by pcbasentry on June 15, 2009

Super-tight lending standards, dwindling buyers, the stock market crash, and a global recession have made this one of the worst times in history to be a home builder.

“The market is devastated all across the country, across the board: single-family, multifamily, remodeling, and even low-income, every sector has been affected,” according to Carlos Martin of the NAHB.

Green building pros have not been spared from economic gloom, says Martin, assistant staff vice president for construction, codes, and standards: “It’s disingenuous to act like there is not any bad news for green builders.”

Nevertheless, many green pros are finding an upper hand that’s helping them survive the market, and some are even thriving due to increasing demand for eco-friendly dwellings, new funds for green public projects, and passage of the $787 billion federal economic stimulus bill.

Read more at ecohome magazine

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Without a Website, They Won’t Find You

Posted by pcbasentry on June 12, 2009

Cost-effective spending of your marketing dollars is a major concern these days.  Here’s one point of view:

Remember the yellow pages? We have a few books sitting in our office, sometimes in frustration we pick one up to find a phone number. Looking up a phone number is faster, easier, and much more convenient on the Internet. When we want to reach a business we’ve worked with before, or find a new service in our local area, our first stop is the Internet.

Read more at Markup and Profit Blog

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Thinking About Tomorrow

Posted by pcbasentry on June 9, 2009

Meritage Homes CEO Steve Hilton tries hard not to get ahead of himself. Flashes and flickers of encouragement are surfacing in markets–especially Phoenix–that had been pulverized and stagnating seven or eight months ago, and looking hopeless. These early signs that worsening times may be running out of juice suggest that the wrenching mid-stream makeover production home builders have undergone may be taking hold….

Read more at HousingCrisis.com

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Global Warming … Do We Believe?

Posted by pcbasentry on June 6, 2009

In his bestselling book “Hot, Flat, and Crowded,” New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman argues that countries that pioneer renewable-energy technologies will increase their national security and prosperity at the expense of those that cling to fossil fuels. He spoke to NEWSWEEK’s Sharon Begley …

Read the entire interview at NEWSWEEK

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