What’s In It for You – 8 Reasons to Join PCBA

Posted by pcbasentry on April 7, 2009

PCBA is involved in every aspect of the building industry. Our members are concerned about improving the community in which they do business and are willing to do something about it. What in return will PCBA do for you?

  1. Supporting Your Industry: Our strength lies in the number and diversity of our membership. The more members our association has, the better we can represent the building community. We accomplish collectively what no one business can do alone. By becoming a valuable member of PCBA you are sharing your time, ideas and suggestions, and in turn supporting your own company and industry.
  2. Government Representation: PCBA speaks for the building industry with government affairs programs and lobbyists on the national, state and local levels who fight hard every dayto protect the building industry. The association has an active Political Action Committee (PAC) that endorses candidates who support the industry.
  3. Industry Networking: PCBA activities provide important opportunities for networking with other industry professionals. The monthly membership meetings, golf and fishing tournaments, and other events provide members with the opportunity to develop new friendships and to network with colleagues.
  4. Insurance: PCBA members can save on builders risk, business, auto, tools, general liability, property, model homes and workers’ compensation.
  5. Marketing Opportunities: Numerous opportunities to market services and products to the public and the industry, including publication and website advertising, sponsorship of meetings and events, and the Parade of Homes.
  6. Communications & Public Relations: Members are provided with industry information updates through the monthly publication ‘Blueprints’, and on our website .  Through a continuing public relations program, PCBA works year-round to promote members as good citizens, community leaders and trustworthy business persons.
  7. Parade of Homes: Twice a year, spring and Fall,  PCBA sponsors a Parade of Homes. The Parade is an opportunity for builders, subcontractors and remodelers to showcase their work and designs. the Participation in the Parade provides exposure and advertising to the buying public.
  8. Awards & Recognition: Achievement and recognition awards include Parade of Homes and Local Builder and Associate of the year. Elite Spike Club members receive special recognition on the local, state and national level as membership recruiters.

To learn more about these and other benefits of membership, and to sign up as a member, visit our on-line application.


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